Shopify C: Quick Shop App User Guide

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Below you will find the detailed documentation on how to use our App and we wish you have a great experience with our Shopify App.


C: Quick Shop App is allows your customers purchasing everything from one page, that will save ordering time.

This App allows your customers to search and order products quickly without navigating to all categories to find products. You can go to the quick order page, select the quantity and click on the "Add to Cart" button to add different products to the cart on the same page. This is especially useful for products with variants (e.g. small, medium). Customers can search for one variant and then expand to show all related variants for the given product, allowing them to rapidly add multiple variants.

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1. Click here to visit our Shopify App >> C: Quick Shop

2. Click on Add app button.

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App Configuration Steps

Step-1: You can Go to apps >> C: Quick Shop >> How To Use It tab and Download the App Files ZIP, click the "Download" button. Once the file has been downloaded, extract and open it on your PC, just like below screenshot.


Step-2: Create/Update below 2 files in "templates" folder of your theme in which you want to RUN quick shop App.

If your theme contains below files in "templates" folder already then just replace the file contents with corresponding files of downloaded zip else create the new file just like below screenshots.

i) For "collection.get-orderitems.liquid" file:

a) Choose template type : collection

b) File type : liquid

c) File Name : get-orderitems


i) For "search.get-orderitems.liquid" file:

a) Choose template type : search

b) File type : liquid

c) File Name : get-orderitems


Step-3: Enable app embeds for your theme just like below instruction.

Go to Online Store >> Themes >> Current Theme >> Theme Customize >> Theme Settings >> App Embeds Section then please follow below screenshot.

App Activate

Note: Whenever you`ll change theme then you`ll need to re-configure Quick Shop App for a new theme by performing steps listed in How to Use it tab >> App Configuration Section. You can watch quick video guide also by click here.

Create Menu Item for Quick Order Page

Create Menu Item for Quick Order Page by follow below two Steps:

Step-1: Go to your Shopify Admin > Menus.


Step-2: Create Menu Item by follow below Screenshot.


Custom App Design - How to Change App Design/CSS

Do you want to use your own CSS / styling for C: Quick Shop app in your online store theme?

  1. Go to Online Stores >> Live theme >> Theme Customize >> Theme Settings > App embeds section then please open our App embed block i.e. C:Quick Shop. Then at bottom of this page, you`ll see Design customizations section just like below screenshot:

  2. Here, you can enter your own CSS wrapped in style type tag.

  3. No Img Available


Quick shop page:

Quick Order Form

Cart List Popup:

Cart List Popup

Product Description Popup:

Description Popup

Manual App Uninstallation Steps

After App Uninstalled by Store Owner, Shopify does not permit us to access files on your store. So, You have to remove App code file manually from your Active Theme or Any Theme in which You had previously installed “C: Quick Shop” App File.

=> Go to Online Store > Themes and Select your Current Active Theme then Delete below file:

  • Folder: Templates → Filename: collection.get-orderitems.liquid
  • Folder: Templates → Filename: search.get-orderitems.liquid

General Settings

  1. Go to Admin >> Apps >> C: Quick Shop >> General Settings

  2. From Here, You can choose which Collections you want to show by move Collections from left-side box to Selected Category List then just save it!

  3. General Settings

  4. You can alter other settings i.e products limit, preset qty., show/hide brand sku column, show/hide SKU or brand individually, show/hide "All Products" option from "Choose Categories" dropdown, show/hide "Checkout" button from "Cart Pop-up" of our App, hide prices if customer not logged in, default "Sorting Option" for products display etc.

  5. You can display specific collection's products by default loaded on the Quick Shop page with the help of setting i.e. "Preload Collection".

  6. By using 'Customer Tags' you can show prices for a specific customer. This option will only work if 'Hide "Prices" if customer not logged in:' is set to yes.

Markets - Multiple languages & currencies

Our app supports multi language and multi currency, you can create multiple markets on your store for different different country and grow your business to international level.

  1. Step-1: Go to Admin >> Settings >> Markets. Then you can follow steps shown in below screenshot:

  2. No Img Available

  3. Step-2: You will get following screen , fill Market name and add countries/regions field then click on save button.

  4. No Img Available

  5. Step-3: Now,you will get following screen, set Domains and languages, Products and pricing, Duties and import taxes, Shipping, and payment method as per you needed.

  6. No Img Available

  7. Note: You have open below link and read Domains and languages, Products and pricing, Duties and import taxes, Shipping, and payment method blog.
    Pricing in local currencies.
    Duties and taxes.
    More about markets.

  8. Step-4: Now, Go to Admin >> Settings >> Languages. then you can add language, assign market and click on publish button to publish language

  9. No Img Available

  10. Step-5: Now, Go to Admin >> Settings >> Markets >> click on Manage(which you have created markets.).

  11. No Img Available

  12. Step-6: You will get follwing screen, Click on Manage which is right side of "Domains and Languages" section.

  13. No Img Available

  14. Step-7: You will get follwing screen, set domain, sub folder and select url handle and languages .

  15. No Img Available

  16. Step-8: Now you must be translate your whole store using language Translation third paty app.

  17. We Recomanded Translate & Adapt shopify language translation app

  18. No Img Available

  19. Now you can run url on browser which is you selected on step-7 and see our translated "C: Quick Shop" page.

  20. No Img Available

Language Translation

Step-1: Go to Admin >> Apps >> C: Quick Shop >> Language Translation

Step-2:  Now, select Language from Translation Settings.

Translation Setttings

Step-3:  Fill all field for particular language and save it

Translation Field

Frontend sample

Language: English 


Language: Spanish 


Language: Japanese 


Customer Support

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