After installing the App, where should I check in front end?

Please check this page after installing our App >>

How to showcase Quick Order Page on my Online Storefront?

You can create Menu Item for Quick Order Page by Go to Online Store >> Navigation like below window:

Quick Shop App is not Working After Changing Theme.

Whenever you`ll change theme then you`ll need to re-configure Quick Shop App for a new theme by performing steps listed in How to Use it tab >> App Configuration Section. You can watch quick video guide by click here and also read user guide by click here.

How can I Uninstall App Files from Active Theme or Any other Theme?

App Files will not removed after Uninstallation of the App. So, You can remove/delete App files. For that, Please Go to Admin >> Online Store >> Current Theme >> Edit Code and remove the file named below.

  • [1] Go to templates folder then open this file: collection.get-orderitems.liquid and click on 'Delete file' button.

  • [2] Go to templates folder then open this file: search.get-orderitems.liquid and click on 'Delete file' button.

  • How can I modify Quick Order Page styles or Look?

    You can modify styles for the Quick Order Page for that just read user guide by click here

    How can I show specific Collections only inside "Choose Categories" dropdown?

    You can do by Go to Admin >> Apps >> C: Quick Shop >> General Settings like below window:

    Here, Just move Collections from left-side box to SELECTED CATEGORY LIST, which you want to show in Quick Order Page and save it!

    how can i enable app embeds?

    Go to Online Store >> Themes >> Current Theme >> Theme Customize >> Theme Settings >> App Embeds section then just follow below screenshot.

    App Activate

    How to convert "Quick shop page" into multi language or multi currencies?

    Step-1: First you can set Language specific texts for "Quick shop page" by go to Apps >> C: Quick Shop >> Language Translation then save texts for your languages like: English, Spanish etc.

    Step-2: To translate product titles/product options/product description, you'll need to make use of shopify app i.e. Translate and Adapt >

    You can read more information for this step by step in our document section by (click here)

    How to "Hide prices" based on Customer tag?

    Step-1: First Apps >> C: Quick Shop >> General settings then set Hide Price setting value as Yes then add customer tag in setting just like below screenshot >

    In addition, the customer tag must exist in the customer for whom you want to display prices only, as shown in the screenshot below.

    How to display products of specific collection loaded by default on Quick Shop page?

    Step-1: First Apps >> C: Quick Shop >> General settings section, then choose collection within the "Preload Collection" setting just like in the below screenshot, then click on the "Save Settings" button!

    How can I app upgrade?

    You can watch video guide by click here.

    How can I change Plan interval from Annual to Monthly OR Monthly to Annual?

    How can I turn off auto-renewal for my annual plan for the next year? Will I be able to use the app until my renewal period?

     Yes, you can turn off auto-renewal for your annual plan for the next year by going to our app, clicking on the "Pricing Plan" button at the top, and then seeing just like below. Simply follow the instructions in the screenshot below:

    NOTE: If you turn off auto renewal, you will be able to use the app until the next renewal period, and you can turn it back on when you re-subscribe to our app plan the next following year.

    No Image Available

    How will the price be calculated if I switch from the Monthly Plan to the Annual Plan?

      When you upgrade your plan by moving from a less expensive charge to a more expensive charge, the charge is prorated based on the difference in price and the number of days remaining in the billing cycle. Proration occurs when you approves changes to your app subscription that take effect immediately. For example, if you begin a 30-day billing cycle on a $5.00 plan, and then upgrade to a $15.00 plan on day 15 of the billing cycle, you’d be charged $5.00 + ($15.00 – $5.00) * (15/30) = $10.00 USD. You can check this in Shopify billing FAQ at here >> Click me

    What happen if I switch from the Annual Plan to the Monthly Plan?

      If you switches from an annual plan with a higher price to an annual plan with a lower price, or from an annual plan to a 30 day plan, then the charge for the new plan is deferred until the current plan's subscription cycle is complete. For example, if you begins an annual subscription plan in January, but switches to a 30 day plan in September, then the new 30 day plan will start when the annual plan expires in January.